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Not one to usually take Collagen as a supplement but the combination with Matcha really won me over!! Creamy & incredible taste that's extremely pleasant to drink unlike other Collagen supplements I have tried that people have recommended!

Laura F.

I love the smell of the collagen energy and the best part is the taste. I haven’t seen changes to my skin or joints YET-still too early for any sort of result however, I love drinking this first thing in the morning :) replaced coffee with my collagen energy. Will buy this again for sure!!

Mia S.

Love Thea matcha! I’ve tried other brands in the supermarket or even from organic bulk food stores and I still prefer the taste of Thea, it doesn’t have that bitter taste :)

Yining T.

Tastes amazing, easy to mix into hot but milk. Have been trying to drink less coffee without getting the awful headaches and this has replaced my coffee completely! Absolutely LOVE it! Thank you

Kate. T. @username

I love Thea Matcha! Have tried many different brands and this is by far the best out there. Beautiful bright green in colour and smooth in drinks. Super easy to add to baking and other recipes. The ladies behind Thea are lovely and have excellent communication. Also very generous with the points system. Thanks Thea.

Vanessa S.

This matcha is super amazing ! I've tried alot of different matchas from different companies but this from Thea definitely stands out. It's smooth, mixes really well and has a lovely strong matcha taste without being overly bitter. It also has such a pretty green colour so you can definitely tell it is fresh and pure. The packaging is super pretty as well. The only bad thing is the little clip that comes with it is too small and weak so it broke in two uses. But otherwise would 100% purchases again !

Sylvia S.